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Who we Are

Our non-profit organization brings awareness to the ever-prevalent issue of homelessness in the city of Atlanta and to remind all that can hear that this situation can happen to anyone of us in a split second. We strive to be the preferred organization for housing homeless and the less fortunate.

The KJ Social Project also want to change the face of giving back and volunteering. Our events provide volunteers with a fun experience while being taught the importance of giving back and being involved. We want to bring a different perspective with giving to those who are in need.

Our Team

KJ's Social Project is a collaboration of like minded and strong willed people. Or team compromises of volunteers and full time people who generously give their time to advance opportunities for the homeless in Atlanta. We work hard to manage all elements of volunteering either within the community or on behalf of other organizations for which we align with.

Growth has enabled volunteer coordinators to work alongside specialists in other fields, develop new skills and establish programs to meet the needs of other sectors with different approaches and outlooks towards volunteering.

In recent years, we have gained increased recognition as an organization who makes a difference. As more organizations and companies are placing an emphasis on giving something back to the local community, often in the form of employee volunteering, more opportunities are becoming available across different aspects of helping the homelessness problem in Atlanta.

Lakeisha Johnson

Founder KJ's Social Project

Lakeisha Johnson has been exposed to compassion since she was a young child. Her mother, a role model and inspiration to Johnson, raised a host of foster kids as she grew up.

“We would have about seven kids at a time,” she said. This unique upbringing gave her insight not only into the importance of family, but also the need for "compassionate people to give a helping hand" to those less fortunate.